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  • Productivity

Increase productivity


Agents that answer the same questions the whole day quickly lose motivation. What if you could automate these routine tasks?

Chatbot does exactly that! Provide your team with the possibility to focus on interesting things.

  • Availability

Provide customer support 24/7

A smart chatbot provides accurate and verified information, speeds up communication and never takes a vacation. Ensure constant customer support for your buyers! They get help 24/7 with chatbot.


  • Promptness

Deal with challenges smarter and faster


Valori answers users’ questions with light speed and gathers information on buyers and their needs. That way, it helps your team decrease the time needed for dealing with everyday challenges.


  • Savings

Growth without additional expenses

Growth in business doesn’t necessarily mean increasing costs.

Chatbot enables a better user experience and increased satisfaction while reducing operative costs of doing business.

  • Automation

Create selling opportunities!


Chatbot enables proactive engagement of existing buyers and connecting with potential ones in real time.

All data is automatically stored in the base and are ready for analyses.

  • Increase conversion!

Increase conversion!

Good relationships with buyers are the basis of successful business. Chatbot engages users and creates positive reactions.

Support your visitors in searching through your offers and help them to quickly get wanted information.

Communicate on all channels

The buyers want to connect with you through their favourite communication channels. Be there for them!


Learn about the latest digital trends!

Make the first step towards the transformation of business!

Optimize business the right way

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