Did you know that having a better customer experience in 2022 is a priority for most organizations? Many companies are losing clients and income because of it, so it’s no wonder that there is a significant need for developing this business segment. But what really is customer experience and how can we work on improving it?

Customer experience in 30 seconds

Customer experience signifies the opinion and the perception that buyers have of your brand. Or the way in which your company is dealing with it, to be more exact. It consists of behavior patterns, brand recognition and emotions that a person relates to your organization. The biggest factors that affect customer experience are people and products.

An example of a negative experience:

A client has visited your shop or the place where you provide your service, but no one has spoken to him/her for 10 minutes. The client is bitter and leaves your store with the intent of never coming back.

An example of a positive experience:

A client has visited your shop or the place where you provide your service and very quickly, he/she was offered help and got all the information regarding a product or service.

Although customer experience is related to a complete customer relationship in all segments, today it is more focused on the digital, i.e., online sphere.

bolji Jeste li znali da je većini organizacija prioritet za 2022. godinu bolji customer experience ?

A positive online experience

Today, customer experience is built on various fronts. Live, on the website, on the live chat, on social media, via e-mails or over the telephone… Considering that 2/3 of organizations today are battling for clients precisely through user experience, it’s better to be ready on all fronts. After all, the online experience is a priority in today’s world.

Most clients come across your brand for the first time online, on their mobile phones or on their laptops. Even 88% of them won’t return if they had a bad experience. These are the things that affect the negative perception the most: unclear CTA button, slow page opening, bad photos, confusing page navigation, unresponsive design (doesn’t support mobile versions, only on desktop), and dysfunctional search bar.

A quality page design can help in making the first impression a positive one. While a digital solution like a chatbot can solve your other maladies.

Chatbot as a solution for better user experience

  • Value your clients’ time

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes. An average wait time for an answer is 12 hours, and even up to a week with some companies. Would you be satisfied with that? Chatbot is available for clients 24/7 and it doesn’t create an extra cost. Be available at any time.

  • Value your employees

You’ve probably been in a situation where you’ve had a problem and the person you are talking to keeps repeating: “Please be patient, I have to check it with my supervisor”. Imagine how mentally tiring that is. Employees that constantly face the same problems and the same questions for which they don’t have solutions or answers, quickly lose motivation. Provide your employees with enough freedom and competencies, and deal with your access to information using the software.

While chatbot deals with customer inquiries successfully, your employees can focus on more demanding tasks. Clients’ inquiries can decrease for even up to 70% and therefore, both the customers and employees remain satisfied.

  • Utilize the power of personalization

Are you aware that even 80% of people can buy something from a brand that offers a personalized service? Personalized marketing and personalization are the biggest trends of this era. It is no longer strange to receive an e-mail addressed specifically to your name and we have stopped being surprised when we are offered ads that seem to know exactly what we talked about just a minute earlier. Chatbot enables you to target your clients with only relevant information while having a friendly tone. That way, the relationship between the client and the brand is strengthened. Also, the client becomes a faithful buyer that will always come back.

chatbot i custom
  • Get to know your clients

The advanced system Power BI is responsible for the chatbot that enables your analysis of business, the audience, and the involvement. Data collecting enables you to know your clients. Based on findings, you can plan a good business and marketing strategy that will bring you more buyers and more income.

  • Improve your services and make the process easier for your clients

Not only can you use chatbot as an e-commerce sales channel through which you can place your products and services on all popular channels, but you can also use its other functionalities that will help you and your clients.

No more waiting in line at the doctor’s office or in front of a restaurant. Let the chatbot system for reservations make sure that your clients are on time and satisfied. Enable users to send in applications or suggestions for improving services via chatbot. Create a prize contest and encourage the competitive spirit.

Make the process of hiring in your organization, the process of applying for education or the process of tracking package delivery easier for your clients.

There are many ideas and all of them contribute to a positive customer experience.

Don’t forget – clients are the ones that have power

chatkorisničko iskustvo

It’s very clear of who’s in charge. Although the saying ‘customer is always right’ may not be that ‘right’, it is clear today that clients/buyers are the ones that have the power to rise a certain brand from the ashes or destroy it completely. The main reason for that is social media. One negative review in the right spot can destroy years of hard work end effort of a company. Don’t let that happen.

Be transparent, maintain good relationships with clients, and work on your customer experience. But just in case, also have a well-developed crisis management strategy. Be prepared and up to date with innovations.

Chatbots are the fastest-growing communication channel of today. Utilize its advantages. Contact us and let experts that provide personalized ‘key in hand’ solutions handle it.

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