Success is the end goal of any business, and various tools and digital solutions are used for achieving success. We bring you 8 reasons why chatbot is useful for any business process automation, what are the benefits of implementing it and why more and more companies all over the world are implementing it into their business plans.

Advantages of business process automation:

1. Saving time

Time management is an important discipline aimed at saving time, controlling it, and the optimal use of time with the purpose of being more effective in business. Business process automation is an excellent solution for the quality and fast processing of clients’ requests, which then gives your employees time to focus on other business tasks. If you are wondering is there a need for it, just think about this fact. According to IDC marketing company’s research, organizations lose 20% to 30% of income yearly because of the inefficiency in performing tasks.

The Chatbot is one of the automated digitalized solutions. As integration with the user service, chatbot simply solves repeating, and often, routine tasks and requests. Interesting, those processes are the ones that create dissatisfaction in business surroundings. When focused on more challenging tasks, employees are more motivated and productive. A satisfied worker will work more efficiently, and a satisfied client will always come back for more.

2. Personalized service

When you hear the word ‘Excel’, you think of tables, and when you hear ‘Chatbot’, you think of searching for information? That’s right, but it is more complex than that. You can think of a chatbot as a personalized search engine through which, via automated flows of communication, the users get simple solutions for their problems, wanted recommendations and correct answers to their questions. Sometimes choosing and clicking leads to another site where the user can find more answers and sometimes it even enables a complete service such as ordering, signing in, etc. The possibilities of a chatbot are limitless and depend on the kind of service you are providing.

“I think that chatbots are the future of interacting between the user and the brand or a celebrity.” Christina Milian, Forbes (successful business magazine)

It is also possible to engage the user proactively. Contact him/her through the chatbot on your website with a likable greeting and offer them a solution to the problem before the problem even exists. Through a limitless number of flows and a flexible hierarchy, help for the user comes in a form of personalized service that only friends receive.

3. Promotion of business

It is easy to stand out from the competition with a personalized Chatbot! Specific stickers, creating a visual identity and carefully thought-out copywriting increase the public’s awareness about your brand, and you become recognizable in the market.

“Call centers, websites and mobile apps are no longer the only means of interacting with brands. Chatbots are quickly becoming a business imperative for companies that want to contact their buyers. Internet communication via chatbot is growing faster than any previous channel.” Eileen Brown, ZDnet

Besides your subscribers thinking about you, you can also contact them first and remind them of special benefits. So by all means, include it in your marketing strategies. Through special platforms that offer all-in-one solutions, chatbot won’t serve only for exchange software and message automation, but also for an attractive promotive innovation. For example, with Valori, all the elements of Chatbot are designed and thought out according to your wishes, and consultations and help are available 24/7.

4. Reducing costs and increase revenue

It is estimated that computer software for communication automation will make for 40% of interaction with users in the next three years. Do you know why? Business process automation realizes users’ expectations through the fast availability of information that provides a positive user experience. Considering that research shows that even up to 86% of clients are ready to spend more money if they are pleased with the service, a chatbot can directly affect the increase of income.

Besides increasing income, chatbot decreases user service costs and operative costs of doing business. After being implemented, it only requires updates. You give the order and Valori does the rest.

“Except generating income, chatbots can also serve as research bots or for generating potential buyers and increasing the brand’s visibility to save money for the company. As more companies and users use a chatbot, there will be greater demand for better chatbot development, which will in return make it easier for companies to implement them into their business.” Mai-Hanh Nguyen, Business Insider

5. Data collecting

It’s no secret that data is being collected at every turn and through all digital channels. Cookies, signing up for newsletters, or registering to websites are just some of the ways to improve marketing and optimize audience targeting. Why is this being done? Data analyses and storing data about your subscribers results in better success in business.

A chatbot can help with that. Besides knowing who your customers are, you get the best insight into your business through databases and clear reports. One of the functionalities of Chatbot is the advanced report system Power BI. Don’t waste time on never-ending analyses that cause headaches. Use the functionalities of chatbot and learn important information using a simple display of complex business metrics. Get to know your users, make a plan and turn them into buyers.

6. Positive reputation

First impressions matter and it takes 7 to 30 seconds for a person to form one. After that, it hardly changes. Chatbot helps in making that first impression a positive one. Think of all the times you’ve come to a website and if nothing interests you, you simply leave the site in a second. But with the visual identity of the chatbot, a proactive message, a quick solution to a problem, secure navigating to that solution and overall a complete service, the visitor will surely be intrigued. People will connect the design of the chatbot with your business, and a quick and simple solution to their problem will connect to your great service. Create a positive reputation through the digital transformation of business and through following trends.

7. Improved user service

Regardless of how good of an employer you are, your employees can’t always be in a good mood. Unlike people, a chatbot is a digital system and it has no emotions. That means that it’s always happy to help users! Also, the bot’s approach to information and our approach to information is based on completely different settings. As a large base of knowledge, the chatbot provides accurate and verified information, speeds up communication, is available for 24 hours every day and it never takes a vacation.

“Our buyers don’t want to get rid of their people; they actually want to redirect them to more activities that generate income and are more intellectually challenging. “Max Yankelevich, CEO of WorkFusion

One of its functionalities is being multilingual and it can be accessed from all mobile devices. Regardless of if you implement it onto Viber, Facebook, a website, or via Google, a chatbot has the possibility to reach a wider audience and a large number of users without decreasing work efficiency. Still, if necessary, a human agent can step into the communication and communicate with the users directly.

8. One-click information

The most important functionality of a chatbot is fast access to information, but without further ado, it may be best to see for yourself. One-click is enough to learn how it works. :)

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