Marketing is key for the successful development and business growth of every organization. Although it is surely not the first thing that comes to mind for marketing people when planning, chatbot in marketing is an exceptionally useful tool and a part of the strategy for realizing business goals. Namely, the functionalities of a chatbot create numerous creative and conceptual possibilities for furthering business.

Chatbot as a part of the marketing strategy

One of the main components of any marketing strategy is a marketing mix. A traditional marketing mix has been labeled as 4P, and it consisted of a product, price, place and promotion.  Today, it’s a comprehensive framework of a marketing strategy that consists of three additional elements: people, the process, and physical evidence of the service you are providing.

7P elements are crucial for a good, contemporary marketing strategy. They create the road to success, enable finding optimal ways for excelling in the market and ensure buyers’ satisfaction and fulfilling their needs.

Automated way of presenting products

The product is the basis of marketing. Not only a physical product or service but also all the features that the buyer is buying (the brand, the quality, the benefits that the buyer gets when buying a product, e.g., guarantee…). Chatbot in marketing offers a safe and automated way of presenting a product to the buyer and the buyer is getting exactly what he/she is looking for. Through a series of predefined questions, collecting answers, mentorship and guiding the buyer through each step, the article and the service are more clearly presented to its potential audience. Make it easier to find an ideal product according to needs and wishes! Furthermore, speed up the process via chatbot and navigate the buyer to the location where he/she can download a user manual and other materials.

“Chatbot in marketing offers a safe and automated way of presenting a product to the buyer and the buyer is getting exactly what he/she is looking for.”

There is the additional benefit of personalizing chatbots. It is possible to present the brand of the product and the quality in a particular way. Example? Through a custom-designed visual identity and unique emoticons, copies, and colors. Using a visually attractive chatbot, the company will simply excel, differentiate itself from competitors and expand its visibility in the market.

Collecting data provides an insight into buying habits

The price of a product in marketing is determined according to various criteria and different strategies. It is important for the buyer to get a general idea of the quality and value of the product. But, at the same time, the price should be in line with the market and the competition. Besides understanding competitors, it is also important to understand the characteristics of your audience, their needs and buying habits, to determine prices correctly. Chatbot can help you with that.

By collecting data from users, analyzing the most common answers and/or through information on purchases, you get an insight into the characteristics and the behavior of your audience, their needs, and problems. Analyses and reports enable you to segment the market and determine who your buyers are. Being familiar with the buyer is priceless in marketing strategies and plans, and it is a key component for realizing any set goal. It’s actually pretty logical. To sell something, you have to know who are you selling to, don’t you?

Present yourself through popular channels

For a product to stand out and to be sold, you must know where to sell and position it. A product should be available on channels where buying is very simple and easy for your clients.

The great thing about chatbots is that they can be integrated into various platforms. Your product can be sold only in your webshop, but what if your audience is mostly on Facebook? Then, it is wise to put some thought into a Facebook Messenger bot that will direct potential and actual buyers to your website. Google bots are useful for B2B purchases, and we recommend the Viber bot for expanding your pool of potential buyers.

Impose yourself onto your clients on their turf and channels that they use every day. That way, you will get them to your wanted destination more easily.

Use targeted messages to get wanted results

Chatbot in marketing has great potential for promotion. Almost all the above mentioned and the following is somehow connected to promotional activities. Choosing the most commonly used platforms and channels for implementing chatbots is a well-thought decision that is made just before placing the message. It is very smart to choose places where your buyers already frequent regularly. After that, target them according to the data that you get from the information collected by the chatbot.

Chatbot enables sending wanted information, promotions, targeted messages and special benefits to individuals, targeted groups, or whole communities. You can contact them proactively, offering solutions and services even before your clients recognize a problem. The best thing about the chatbot is that it is your tool, so there is no need to pay extra for promotional campaigns.

3 in 2: Chatbot in marketing, human resources and user service

A marketing strategy can be perfectly designed, but unless the communication with clients isn’t suited to their needs, the results won’t be satisfactory. There’s no need to worry about that with chatbot and communication automation. The interaction will be fast, simple, and clear, there will be a flow of communication. The buyer will be thrilled with the promptness and the accuracy of the information he/she is getting.

Besides greater satisfaction from users, the chatbot also increases satisfaction among employees. As a program solution, the bot enables availability 24 hours a day and research shows that operative costs of business decrease up to 30%. With the automated communication, your employees can focus on more demanding tasks and problems of the users, than just answering routine questions. Therefore, as their productivity grows, so does their motivation and content in the workspace.

Positive service leads to a positive outcome

Marketing experts emphasize that the process is a part of the marketing mix that gets the least attention, which shouldn’t be the case. Namely, relationships that a company builds with its buyers can have a great impact on achieving goals. Research has shown that up to 90% of buyers are influenced by positive online reviews when they intend to buy something. Furthermore, half of the buyers say that they are ready to spend more, i.e., make an additional purchase based on having a positive experience. This is mostly influenced by marketing and good user service.

Chatbot creates relationships based on trust

The key benefit of chatbot, regardless of where it has been implemented and used, is precisely the best user service. Promptness, clear information, timeliness, and constant availability are functions that clients from all businesses appreciate. Don’t let sales, earnings and finally success in business suffer because of unsatisfied buyers. Chatbot creates relationships based on trust, relationships where a buyer is certain to get all the necessary help and answers to questions asked. Make the clients’ journeys thrilling and exciting at every step!

Provide proof of your excellent service

The actual proof of your work is physical proof, but positive experiences and benefits that clients receive if they choose a service or a product from your organization is also considered proof of your work. An ideal example of that is experiences of returning, loyal buyers that you can track and record, praise you have received or positive feedback on social media.

Such ‘testimonies’ and personal stories can simply be displayed using a chatbot and emphasized via desirable channels. Also, with a little more effort, they can be turned into studies, and your bot will in a completely unintrusive, interesting and innovative way inspire curiosity when communicating with potential clients.

“Would you like to see what others think of us?” and that’s it – one click away from a complete display of various reviews. And believe us, they will all be positive reviews when using chatbot!

The best coplayer in new adventures

Chatbot in marketing plays an interesting game. As an accessible and innovative tool, it is extremely useful for attracting new users and potential buyers, but also for creating long-term positive relationships with current clients. It also serves as your associate, a helper and a digital assistant that doesn’t require special attention or costs a lot, but in return decreases the operative costs of doing business. Intrigued? Implement it into your marketing strategy and see for yourself what its useful aspects are.

Optimize your resources with chatbot automation! You ask, we create. Contact us for more questions and let’s journey into a new adventure together.

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