Do you check the web shop before going to the actual store? It is not unusual today for buyers to inform themselves on a certain product before buying it, to compare prices, delivery terms and paying options. To acquire all the answers, questions from buyers are often directed through digital channels. Considering that 65% of people are affected more by a positive user experience than a marketing strategy, it is very important to understand what digital user service is.

Digital user service as a factor of success

You are wondering what digital user service actually means? Unlike the comprehensive user experience, i.e., customer experience that includes every contact and interaction between the buyer and your brand, digital user service is the ability and the possibility of a company to connect and communicate with clients and potential buyers through digital channels.

Digital user service includes helping clients through digital channels, such as social media platforms, live chat, web sites, email or some other mobile chat apps like Viber or WhatsApp. Due to its efficiency and savings, the chatbot has been a popular channel recently.

Why digital user service?

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In today’s time, almost everything can be done digitally, especially after the challenging pandemic times that are thankfully behind us. There were more than two billion Internet buyers last year. Research has shown that 86% of people are ready to pay more if they had a positive experience. Users create connections with the brand through digital channels, they buy products and form opinions on a certain company without ever visiting the actual store. Considering that one of three people say that they would choose another brand after a single negative user experience, it is clear how important the service that clients receive from businesses is.

For a digital user service to be at the highest level, businesses must adapt and constantly fulfill requests from users through as many channels as possible. How? In many ways!

Strategies for the best digital user service

Set good foundations

Foundations that digital user service is built on are very logical and they consist of an optimized web page. Lengthy loading, unclear browser, and the inability of finding information will drive away even the most interested users, therefore it is important that a website is at the highest level.

Define user service through social media

One of the most demanding domains of user service is providing support through social media platforms. Why? One of the answers is – a great number of users and the possibility of reaching an even greater number of people, but a small number of people behind those platforms.

What do we mean by that? In many businesses and companies, community managers aren’t in-house people, but rather their whole support is done by agencies. Thus, communication through social media platforms often consists of forwarding – both users’ questions further and users to different addresses. Although the most important thing ultimately is that all the questions and requests from users are registered and answered, it is also important to clearly define what is exactly expected from the outsourcing person and to define the way of approaching various problems.

Some of the problems that many people face on social media platforms are negative comments and negative reviews. Considering that almost 90% of people are affected by reviews when making the decision to buy, it is important to react to every negative review and offer a solution. Occasionally, a good reaction causes a positive effect, so the negative review has a happy ending and spreads the good word.

Appear on more channels

Omnichannel is a word that can be seen in various articles more and more often and it signifies its presence on various digital channels. The user then has more ways of asking you for information or looking for a solution to a problem. Although such an approach is positive, the most important thing is that you are developing the user service you have on all channels. But being present on five different channels means nothing if you don’t provide answers to potential clients on any of them. On the contrary, it may work against you. 79% of people that publicly complain about having a bad experience with a brand do so because their questions and inquiries have been ignored. Thus, it is better to have one functional channel, than to have five that don’t fulfill their purpose.


Educate your employees

An employee is often the first contact a user has with your brand, whether it’s face to face or contact through digital channels. The way a person that provides the user support communicates will mark the whole experience for the user and connect him/her to your brand. Politeness, patience, the ability to quickly solve a problem, empathy, and conciseness in communication are key to leaving a good impression through digital channels. All those skills can be learned and developed, so it’s not a bad idea to think about further educating the employees.

Implement a chatbot

Users want speed and timeliness – use the power of automation! By implementing a chatbot that is completely adapted to the visual identity and communication of the brand, you can decrease costs and better your user service.

Numerous functionalities of chatbots raise the user service to a higher level. Availability 24/7, multilingualism, a big knowledge base. The possibility of promotion, push notifications, data collecting. Personalized service, innovation, and the possibility of integrating on the most popular platforms are all reasons to consider implementing and contacting experts that provide constant support.

Priority – user satisfaction

Improving the user service is a constant process that never stops. Changes in the market, as well as changes in the digital world are happening quickly and suddenly, and with that, the habits of users also change. That is precisely why it is important for you to follow trends and give your absolute best. Remember, “To attract a new user is six to seven times more expensive than keeping the old one” (Kolsky), so a satisfied and loyal customer is the highest priority.

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