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More than 1.4 billion users use bots daily.

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Functionalities of chatbot that will take your breath away


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Implement once and access the chatbot from any device (Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and a desk computer).


Our chatbots are ready to communicate with one or million users thanks to a cloud background.




Chatbot can communicate in an unlimited number of languages. Broaden your audience and increase income by opening to the world.




Improve the user experience with innovative and attractive messages. Communicate with buyers via pictures, videos, gifs and many more.


Multimedia is the best way to attract buyers. Offer them interesting visual elements and redirect them to your goal with the help of the CTA option.


Integrate the bot with your internal systems and databases and increase their value. CRM, ERP, and Intranet are just some of the examples.

Control panel

Track the usage of a bot in real time by using the control panel for background analytics. Learn the number of conversations and what time of the day has the biggest traffic so you can learn the most popular elements.

Push notification

Use your channel on social media to collect data from the users. That way, you can segment them and place personalized offers with targeted push notifications.

Mixed communication


The administrator can intervene during the conversation in real time by manually typing messages and offering a personalised user service.

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Which companies can use chatbot?2021-06-15T10:06:17+00:00

Companies from the service sector (hotels, restaurants, delivery, etc.), finances and insurance, internet sales and user support (human agents can join the chat when necessary). Also used for helping the human resources department, in education… The possibilities are limitless.

Do I have to be a programmer to build a chatbot?2021-06-15T10:09:11+00:00

Absolutely NOT. We offer you a “key-in-hand” service. You just choose the platforms, and we do the rest!

How much does chatbot maintenance cost?2021-06-15T10:11:46+00:00

Besides the initial design and implementation costs, there is also a monthly hosting fee.  If the chatbot database is on your infrastructure, then you have no cost.

Who is chatbot for?2021-06-15T10:19:35+00:00

Chatbot is for companies that want to expand their communication channels. It is for marketing teams that want to send targeted messages and for sales teams that want to speed up the process of creating orders.

What does a conversation with a chatbot look like?2021-06-15T10:23:08+00:00

For a user, a conversation with a chatbot looks like a standard message exchange. It is a simple communication where you can choose the answer, use menu buttons, or enter a text that a bot can recognize.



What happens if a chatbot doesn’t know the answer?2021-06-15T10:24:18+00:00

If a chatbot doesn’t know the answer, the user is redirected to a real agent or a web place where he/she can find the answer.


Can chatbot be integrated with other systems?2021-06-15T10:25:11+00:00

Completely. Chatbots can be integrated with CRM, ERP, Intranet portals and others.



How can I supervise chatbot’s activity?2021-06-15T10:26:23+00:00

Supervision is done using an control panel, which also serves as a reporting interface. It gives you an insight into chatbot activities, conversations, and the total usage statistics.


What is the key feature of chatbot?2021-06-15T10:28:12+00:00

Quick answer. A bot gives the answer based on stored data, based on the minimal input of data by the user.


What is chatbot used for?2021-06-15T10:32:46+00:00

A bot is used for automating everyday tasks, like making hotel reservations, ordering groceries, etc. Also, it is used as a knowledge base for quickly answering questions.  It can be used as a marketing tool for generating sales opportunities by placing products and services offers.

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