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Google Business Messages

Meet buyers where they frequent the most!


Google chatbot – a ‘know-it-all’ that everyone likes

Communicate with your users through channels they are already using – Google Search and Google maps

Personalized messages
  • Personalization

Personalized messages

Communicate with your buyers and potential clients by setting up a multilingual Google chatbot. Offer them personalized messages and a communication experience without limits – wherever they are, whenever they are doing a search.


  • Availability 24/7

Priceless availability

Answer users’ requests and solve their problems without telephone calls.

Your buyer knows he/she can count on a complete service and help 24/7, any time of the day, month, or year.

Availability 24/7
  • Reputation

Reputation leads to conversion

Create a positive impression while providing complete information at the right time. Build a positive reputation and relationships based on trust, through market visibility and visual identity.

You are there with the buyer at every step – from acquainting them with your brand to purchasing.

  • Collecting data

Collect data via knowledge base

Segment and contact users directly in Google chatbot using the collected data they have shared with you in the chat.


3,5 billion


is done on Google everyday.



actively search for products every day.



get more than 1000 views through searching monthly.

Because of clear information and simple interaction.

  • Visibility

The right information at the right place

Manage information that Google users find when searching through your company or through products and services you offer. Add contact info, working hours and other important details. Google’s My Business has a strong SEO, which means that the data you share will rank above other web locations.


  • Statistics

Data analyses

Google My Business gives you important information about how your buyers find you and communicate with your company. Track data on the number and the source of searches, incoming calls, the most popular photographs…



Use the Chatbot superpowers for growing your business



Create customers full of trust


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