Organic sales through Facebook have grown 10 times!

A well-known Israeli motor car company Nissan has always been focused on innovation and advanced technologies. One of their mottos is „ do what others don’t dare “. Precisely that kind of attitude has contributed to their development across the world, millions of cars in the streets and billions of happy users. And to make their users even happier, Nissan has implemented Messenger Chatbot and was able to increase organic sales on Facebook by an incredible 10 times!

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The number of daily inquiries in the inbox was a significant problem for the company. Everyone who works in community management knows how problematic this can be, especially if the issue is hundreds of inquiries a month that get no replies because the system isn’t functioning optimally. Their employees have looked for and wrote replies and wasted time. Regardless of how fast they were, they just weren’t fast enough. Besides, they didn’t differentiate between just visitors from potential buyers, so it wasn’t uncommon for those who were only browsing to have an advantage over those who were really interested in purchasing.

To solve this problem and filter visitors from potential buyers, Nissan used a digital solution – chatbot! Their chatbot had three simple questions:

  1. Which of the presented models do you like?
  2. Have you already opted for that model?
  3. What are your mobile phone number and email?

Based on the answers, the sellers then knew which clients are their priorities. The functionality of their chatbot manifested in a gallery of products with little information which enables the client a fast, but useful searching and getting of information. Through various functions and plugins, the chatbot has gathered data from potential buyers in an organized manner, sent it to the department in charge and turned those potential buyers into actual buyers. Besides, gathering data has enabled better targeting in marketing.

The result has exceeded expectations

This simple chatbot solution has succeeded in decreasing the chaos and the volume of business after only a month, but also in generating 380 thousand dollars from sales which is 10 times more than profits form organic sales before Messenger Chatbot. Besides an increase in conversion, the number of potential clients that come through Facebook has also increased from 10 to 35!

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By implementing this simple solution, a global company has managed to increase its sales. Just imagine what can do even more advanced chatbot solutions, personalized chatbots and platforms you can form exactly to suit your needs do? Speed, client satisfaction and focus on results are key advantages of chatbots. See for yourself how that looks and what other possibilities are there.

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