When was the last time you have seen a job add looking for a talent acquisition specialist? More and more industries are in the need of people whose main goal is to find and attract capable people to the company, that will fit in and contribute to the company’s success. But, besides recruiters, there is something else that has the same function – an HR chatbot for attracting talent!

Employer branding

HR chatbot

Employees are people and people talk. And because of that, whether they like it or not, every company has a reputation as an employer. That reputation and employee experiences directly affect attracting new or keeping the existing employees in a company. The way a company is being portrayed and the way it’s portraying its culture, values and relationships with employees can be defined as employer branding. The more positivity employer branding has, the bigger are the chances that the best and most suitable employees will want to work in that organization.

Today, employer branding is more important than ever, especially in the IT industry where the demand for candidates is bigger than the supply. Even 86% of people look at reviews of previous and current employees when applying for a job, and a half of people won’t apply to a certain job if the reviews are bad, not even for more money. The salary is no longer the only or the most important factor, so an employer must put in the extra effort.

HR chatbot for attracting clients and saving time

Talent acquisition specialist is a part of human resources of an organization and the person whose most important task is to attract to the company specialists, managers, or future directors, i.e., people that will contribute to its development in the long run. After finding and attracting them, the next step is choosing the best candidate in the market. Although it’s worth it in the end, the whole process takes a long time and costs a lot of money. However, there is a digital solution.

HR chatbot

Why use an HR chatbot for attracting clients?

Chatbot has numerous advantages and it is useful for any business, but in the case of human resources chatbot, the hiring process is especially highlighted.

  1. A chatbot can be integrated into any platform and therefore reach candidates you otherwise couldn’t with just a job add or browsing through people’s LinkedIn profiles. Besides, you may draw the attention of candidates that don’t fit into your employer’s strategy from the start but turn out to be exactly what your organization needs through further processing.
  2. The cost of chatbot integration and its maintenance, in the long run, is smaller than hiring more recruiters or talent acquisition specialists. Besides, a chatbot is operational 0/24.
  3. HR chatbot for attracting clients can serve as a help to the specialist and shorten the search time. Through clearly defined questions, a chatbot can get answers to questions about skills, experiences, and candidates’ demands in a very short time, without the need for meetings.
  4. Collected data on the candidates can be shown in clearly defined tables and only the best candidates for that job can be filtered by analysing those tables. A talent acquisition specialist or human resources worker doesn’t have to go through 10 interviews with candidates to find out who wants what or who has done what, but the selection is done much faster.
  5. There is no need for additionally sending thank you emails to candidates because when applying, through chatbot, candidates can be given the information on who and when will contact them in the case of passing through to the other round of interviews.
HR chatbot

Positive impressions

Besides making it easier for the employer to search for the best talents, chatbot also helps with positive impressions from candidates. Many will agree that the worst part when looking for a job is that sometimes the reply from the company is completely omitted. A person wastes time on writing the application, going through the application process, end even going to interviews and doing various tasks just to eventually receive no kind of reply or feedback. With the chatbot, the candidate immediately gets the impression of a real conversation, the process is much quicker and demands less time invested, but also you as a company gets answers much quicker.

Extra benefits…

Impact on the employer branding, promptness, availability, automatization of constantly repetitive questions and answers, questionnaires on the satisfaction and the opinions of employees, a modern display, push notifications and information, gathering leads and multilingualism are some of the additional benefits of this type of communication. Use the possibilities of this digital tool and start your search for top employees on time. One thing is for sure – chatbot enables optimization of the hiring process from both sides, increasing satisfaction in both candidates and employers. And that is precisely what every organization needs.

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