The busines of sales isn’t what it used to be. There are more and more products, and less and less time. Today, buyers have access to all information, they are more careful and hasty purchases happen rarely. Every product today is compared to others, every company is being studied and reviews from other buyers are being analysed. How to stand out in such a wide market? A positive user experience is one of the things that needs to be improved and you simply must have a good salesperson. So, let us present you with one! It is chatbot and it makes increasing sales very simple.

Data, information, everything in black and white

We realize that now you also want more information. You are wondering if increasing sales with chatbot is possible. And if it is, how? Allow us to present you with some statistical facts:

  • Leaders of different organizations claim that chatbot increases their sales by 67% on average.
  • More than half of businesspeople say that chatbot brings a big ROI with minimum investment.
  • It is estimated that earnings from chatbot will be 112 billion dollars by 2023.

There are many more interesting facts about chatbot that could surprise you, all of them showing positive leaps with each new year. Exactly because of good results and positive reactions from people, it is predicted that the number of chatbots will grow drastically every year.


Five ways for increasing sales with chatbot

All business successes are based on positive results and successfully realized goals. And one of those goals, for many business activities, is increasing sales at a certain point. Chatbot, or an e-commerce chatbot to be exact, can help in growing earnings, in many ways.

1. It attracts buyers on digital channels

One of the main functionalities of chatbot is proactivity, i.e., establishing communication. Personalization of content is becoming more popular, and considering the possibility of collecting data, a chatbot can adjust its messages precisely to suit the users’ needs. 80% of people say they are more likely to buy something if they get personalized service, so this is a fairly big issue.

Besides, a chatbot has the option of completely adjusting to the visual identity of your brand. With specific designs and personalized stickers, you will stand out from the competition and attract the buyers’ curiosity and interest.

2. There are always ideas for product recommendation

You can very simply use your Facebook page, Viber, Google, or web as a sales channel. According to collected data and client responses, a chatbot segments potential buyers from random visitors and notifies them with push notifications. Personalized communication and recommendations about products increase the chance for conversion.

Imagine that you are in some web shop, ready to buy a product that you’ve wanted for a long time because you’ve heard about a great discount and suddenly a digital salesman appears that gets you to your wanted product quickly, with a single click. You would probably be satisfied, and you would probably come back.

prodaja uz chatb

3. Working through day and night

A smart chatbot provides verified information, exactly at the moment the user needs it and at any time of the day. Considering it is available 24/7 and provides constant help for buyers and helps in every step of the sales chain – from realization to action. It also decreases the rate of leaving a site (bounce rate) which is 47% in e-commerce. With the possibility of analyzing the buyer, based on collected data, a chatbot can also provide personalized messages that increase satisfaction, and therefore the possibility of purchase.

4. It adds CTA and decreases the rate of leaving the cart

One of the main terms in marketing is CTA, i.e., call to action. CTA can be different, depending on your needs. ‘Check the offer’, ‘Try now’ or ‘Find out more’ are just some of them. Regardless of which one is it, you must have it. A clear ‘call to action enables the user to simply move from one step to the other, i.e., direct the user to the next action.

According to Contentsquare research, most users stay on a site for 54 seconds. A chatbot can increase that time. Adding CTA to your page attracts attention and appears as having sales aptitude. Through carefully designed questions, the chatbot steers the user to move forward, with clear instructions on how to reach the wanted information or product.

Increasing sales with chatbots can also be done by decreasing the rate of leaving the cart, which is very common in e-commerce. Considering that chatbot has the possibility of including a live agent in the conversation if necessary, you can simply contact the user, and offer help with completing the order or a certain inquiry. Also, you can remind him/her to finish their purchase or offer them an additional discount.

povećanje prodaje uz chatbot

5. Collects data, enables analyses

You can learn a lot by collecting data on users and their shopping habits. Data is collected in order to advance sales or services. Of course, analyses always show what is being done right and what is not. So, that way you can adjust your business to market needs and the needs of your actual users.

Increasing sales = increasing the conversion rate

Chatbot enables increasing the conversion rate on many channels, depending on its integration. The stated leads to better results and more income with smaller operative costs. Most of the organizations that are still not using this type of digital helper are doing it because of ignorance, but there are companies today that can offer you complete “key in hand” solutions. Learn more on the possibilities of chatbot today.!

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