E-commerce chatbots are widespread and one of the most popular in the market. Considering that one of the main functions of chatbot is increasing sales, it’s no wonder that predictions state that transactions via chatbot will reach 112 billion dollars untill 2023.

The advantages of this type of digital solution are indisputable. Chatbot is available 24/7, and choosing the right platform makes you constantly available for most of your clients, for any possible inquiries they might have. Most of the large global companies have already implemented this tool in their business.

LEGO chatbot Ralph as a savior

LEGO chatbot

One of the most popular brands that use chatbot is the globally known LEGO, and its Facebook Messenger Ralph helps parents, grandmas, grandpas, uncles, and aunts not to disappoint their young ones and show up at the party without a present. With Ralph, even if you have forgotten that your child expects a present from Santa, you can still get it at 3 a.m. Open Facebook and start searching with the help of your digital assistant, without stress, hurrying and crowds that occur especially during the holiday season.

James Poulter, senior manager for consumer behavior on social media in the Lego Group said:

We are constantly looking for new and fun ways to interact with our consumers and buyers. Brands are starting to use chatbots more and more for interacting with consumers in the digital space. Lego Group is one of the first in the toy industry that has accepted this concept.

Results are better than expected

Although it started in 2017. as a chatbot that helps in deciding and buying presents for Christmas, Ralph has become a steady part of sales, increasing it on social media by 25%! It has reached an unbelievable 2,96 million users, had 1,2 million engagements, more than 50 thousand conversations with potential clients and decreased the CPO (cost per purchase or cost per order) by 65%!

That means that the cost of digital advertising has decreased, and the efficiency of sales has drastically improved.

Besides, Ralph increases the satisfaction of LEGO buyers, as a helper in buying and simplifying the stressful process of buying presents. Thus, it is creating loyal buyers that faithfully return holiday after holiday, birthday after birthday.

Valori chatbot

Facebook Messenger Chatbot as a possibility for integration

Valori also has the possibility of integrating with Facebook Messenger. So why choose this option? Well, Facebook has 1,3 billion users and even 23% of the population uses Messenger. With the help of the Facebook chatbot, you can increase awareness of your business, create a recognized brand, and offer a unique shopping experience. It is important to be unique in the competitive market, and that is exactly what chatbot provides. LEGO dared and succeeded. Are you also interested?

Contact us because we can offer you a complete solution – a personalized chatbot customized according to your wishes and needs.

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