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1.17 billion Viber users are waiting for you


Viber chatbot – a wizard for positive relationships

Makes all wishes come true! Advance the relationships with buyers through presence on the most popular platform

A personalized service
  • Transformation

A personalized service

Viber  is already in a channel familiar to buyers. Use that! Contact them on their own turf so you can quickly answer all the requests and fulfil all the expectations.


  • Automation

Process automation

Viber chatbot…Your internet store, insurance agent, virtual banking assistant, user service assistant, mini web site…on one of the most popular platforms for exchanging messages.

Process Automation
  • Functionality

Efficient, yet simple

It functions without a website or app, and yet it enables you accepting orders, paying for products and services, and sending promotional messages for free.


  • Promotion

Promotional and selling functions

Viber chatbot is excellent for product and service placement, and at the same time they are a viable replacement for mobile apps in a user-friendly communication channel.


1 bil

Viber Users

in the world.


messages opened

within 10 minutes from sending via a bot.



happen every minute  on Viber.

Viber Chatbot is not good enough for you?

We agree! The combination of Viber Chatbot and Viber Community is a much better match!

  • Boundlessness

Viber community

In Viber Community, you can receive up to a billion subscribers to a content, and every piece of information that you post on Community gets to each one of them – on their mobile phones, in their private messages, without limitations.

  • Proactivity

Proactivity in the community

Community is a multifunctional channel for communicating that enables you a unilateral transfer of information to all the people inside a channel, but also a bilateral communication with a broader group of contacts.

viber community

Use the Chatbot superpowers for growing your business



Create customers full of trust


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We adapt Chatbot to your company and create a complete solution, exactly according to your wishes. Want to see what it looks like?

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