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Web page

Increase conversions and achieve up to 80% more engagement with an automated bot for web pages

It takes only 7 seconds to make an impression

Make it a positive one! Grab the attention of your visitors by integrating the chatbot to your web page

web chatbot
  • Assertiveness

Intrigue your users in a second

First impressions are important – turn visitors into users! Users will link the visual identity of web chatbots with your business, and a quick and simple solution to their problem with your excellent service.


  • Resource optimization

Lightning-fast knowledge base

No more waiting for the answer! As a large knowledge base, the web chatbot offers accurate and verified information and deals with requests and routine questions in a second.

Decrease the user service costs and increase client, but also employee satisfaction.

Knowledge base
  • Decrease the bounce rate

Capture attention

A visitor stays on a web page for 15 seconds on average, and even less if he/she can’t find the wanted information. React in time!

Provide wanted information and answers to all the questions quickly and simply. And don’t worry about resources. When using a web chatbot on your webpage, the employees can deal with other tasks, and all the requests are dealt with in an instant.

  • Collecting data

Meet your web visitors

Collect inclinations, preferences and demographic data form anonymous users and use them for adjusting the B2C marketing strategy. Segment buyers and attract them with individual offers and achieve a larger number of purchases.


data collecting



expect 24/7 availability



made per interaction via chatbot


of companies

claim that chatbot brings a high ROI with minimum investment.


Use the Chatbot superpowers for growing your business



Create customers full of trust


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We adapt Chatbot to your company and create a complete solution, exactly according to your wishes. Want to see what it looks like?

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