Reading through entertaining information can be quite relaxing, but educational at the same time. That is exactly why we give you a lot of interesting facts about chatbots.

Did you know that the first chatbot ever was called Eliza it was created in the 1960s? A German IT scientist Joseph Weizenbaum created a computer program that talked to users using a simple algorithm through a script, often as a psychotherapist.

Although Eliza is mostly recognized precisely as a therapeutic chatbot, it was only one of its many possibilities. In the last 60 years, since these systems for communication automation have been developed, much research on their efficiency, use and possibilities has been conducted. So, let’s begin…

Interesting facts about chatbot that will make you think:

  • 1,4 billion people use chatbots ( That is currently 18% of the world population.
  • People from more than 195 countries start a conversation on business sites over online chat (Drift, 2018). Chatbots on websites are often very noticeable, while official contact requires a bit more time and searching.

Are you interested in numbers?

  • 40% of millennials say that they have contact with a chatbot every day (Acquire, 2020). According to psychologist Jean Tweneg, ‘millennials’ are persons born between 1980. and 1994.. However, the mentioned time is prolonged by a year or two in various contexts. Millennials are people that are currently around 30 or 40 years of age and are most apt when it comes to using computers and are acquainted with digital solutions.
  • There are more than 300 000 active chatbots in Facebook Messenger at this moment! Facebook for developers offers a detailed overview and a manual on how to automate and alleviate communication on their site. All you need for your own messenger chatbot is a Facebook business site.
  • 50% of organizations are ready to invest in automation because of better user support (TheRepublic). Considering the statistical facts about chatbot from the buyer’s perspective, which you can read more later in the blog, we dare to say that this percentage should be even bigger.

Studies show…

  • 64% of companies believe that chatbot will provide their clients with a better user service experience (Statista). Experiences from clients that use Valori has shown that assumption to be true.
  • Chatbot is most used for sales (41%), user support (37%) and marketing (17%) (Intercom, 2019). Considering the numerous possibilities, you can adjust it precisely to your business needs.
  • Real estate (28%), travel (16%), education (14%), health (10%) and finances (5%) are the top 5 markets that have the largest earnings percentage from chatbot (Chatbots Life).
zanimljive činjenice o chatbotu
  • Leaders of various organizations claim that chatbot has raised their sales by 67% on average (Forbes). Proactive messages, promotional benefits you can send via chatbot, the possibility of targeting an audience, even creating a buyers’ base can help in furthering business.
  • More than 70% of all conversations with chatbots will be communicated with business chatbots up to 2023. (Juniper Research).
  • Chatbot can save up to 30% of user service costs by speeding up the flow of communication and providing answers faster while leaving more time for employees to deal with more demanding requests (IBM).

Do you want to reduce customer queries?

  • Calls, conversations, and e-mails in an organization decrease by 70% when using chatbot. (Gartner). One of the biggest benefits of chatbot is the possibility of quickly providing the wanted information or directing a user to that information. Once the user gets a question answered, there is no need to call or send an e-mail again.
  • More than half (57%) of general managers say that chatbot has brought a significant increase of ROI with minimal effort (Accenture). Such an automated solution doesn’t require much investment or worry, and the benefits are obvious.
  • More than half of the sites that use chatbot are B2B companies (Relay)
  • More than half of the companies that don’t use chatbot admit that that is the case because they don’t know how to use it, or they think it’s a too complex process ( Fortunately, with an all-in-one solution like Valori, you don’t have to do any of it by yourself. There’s a whole team of support behind you that deals with implementation, maintenance, and functionalities.
zanimljive činjenice o chatbotu

It is obvious from the research mentioned that the popularity of this type of automated digital solution is growing more and more. And for good reason. Today, the chatbot doesn’t just represent a simple interaction and answering users’ requests, but much broader possibilities like fast access to information, gaming options, prize games, proactivity inside the community such as reporting damages or connecting, trip planning, simpler ordering without waiting, etc.

Besides, it is available 24/7 and provides answers in an instant. Unlike chatbot, 21% of live chat conversations lack answers and solutions and the average wait time is 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Because of the wide specter of different functions, it’s no wonder that more and more people prefer chatbot as a means of interaction. Here’s what various world sources say…

Interesting facts about chatbot through users’ perspective:

  • More than half of the users expect the company to be available 24 hours a day. (VentureBeat). Obviously working for eight hours in the digital era is not acceptable. Luckily, we have bots!
  • 82% of users emphasize that the quickness of answering is very important when contacting a brand. (Business2Community). Time is money and people don’t have the patience to look for and wait for answers themselves. Decrease the bounce rate from your site with automated communication.

The first impression is important

  • In the case of negative user experience, 30% of users will never return to that brand. (OpenText). Make sure that the first impression is a positive one!
  • Even 80% of users that have used chatbot describe the experience as being positive.
  • In the Ubisend chatbot research from 2017., even 69% of examinees say that they prefer chatbot because of fast answers and solving requests. Considering it is one of its biggest functions, anything apart from that would be odd.
  • A third of users would use chatbot intended for hotel or restaurant reservations (Drift). With personalized solutions and platforms like Valori, simply create a chatbot through which the process of making reservations and orders will simply be a pleasure and not a hassle.
zanimljive činjenice o chatbotu
  • More than half of the users expect the company to be available 24 hours a day. (VentureBeat). Obviously working for eight hours in the digital
  • 35% of people use chatbot for solving or reporting problems and getting detailed answers (Drift). Why wouldn’t you be able to report to the city a broken swing in the neighborhood playground, in real-time and in only three clicks? Forget about bureaucratic procedures when using chatbot.
  • Even 87% of users say that they would use chatbot when traveling if that would mean saving time and money (Humley). Besides saving time and money, we also advise using another useful digital solution when taking a business trip – Gooma, a system for easily calculating travel expenses.

Innovative sales

  • Almost half of the examinees (47%) claim that they would buy products via chatbot (HubSpot). With carousel options, specific stickers, and complete visual identity, a personalized chatbot helps you to attract and keep new buyers.
  • Although you may think that more people prefer talking to a real person, the research has shown that 40% of them don’t really care if they are communicating with artificial intelligence or a real person, as long as they get their question answered (HubSpot). Always be there for your clients and create relationships based on trust.

Optimize your resources with chatbot automation! You ask, we create. Contact us for more questions and let’s journey into a new adventure together.

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